Museum Imperial Palace Innsbruck

The contemporary work G18 in 350 x 777 cm, will be presented in the exhibition rooms of the Innsbruck Hofburg from 06.12.2018. On request by the organizer during the past weeks, in which the exhibition project ran in Innsbruck, emerged. It was an accompanying collaborative process between the artist and the art magazine MilionArt Kaleidoscope.

Exhibition | Gallery Hotel Mond |THE RUDE REBELS

Banksy, Paul Insect, Blek Le Rat, Björn Vogel, D*Face, DYNE, u.a.

Cara del Universo

Most recently his picture “Cara del Universo” was exhibited at the Gallery Weekend in the curated art space Hotel Mond Fine Arts Berlin. In addition to renowned international artists such as Banksy, D * Face, KeithHaring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, he was the only German artist part of the group exhibition.

Hier geht es zur Ausstellung der Galerie Hotel Mond

Michael Dyne Mieth meets Pablo Picasso until the end of July 2019

Mobile: +491792263255

Klick to visit the exibition on kunstleben-berlin


Installation - Art meets Technology


Michael Dyne Mieth, artist and founder of ‘dyneart’ from Berlin was chosen by Cisco Systems to paint for their innovation center called openBerlin. For the Grand Opening he created an artwork that should symbolize the sustainability of Cisco Systems. Using package-material you normally through away to made a robot-sculpture with the title ‘Recycle’.

By sensors and a bodysuit, it was saved the data of his creativity movement when he created the sculpture. This movements were published and should simplify the observer’s access to this artwork. Visitors of the museum will have the possibility to dive into the artists mind and can understand how he created the sculpture.

The whole piece of art consists of the sculpture and the 3D-visualization of its creative movement.

Art on the road - Heidi Hetzer

Michael Dyne Mieth’s art is currently driven around the world by rallye legend Heidi Hetzer. Both doors of her car were painted by him showing the planned route and the countries that she was going to travel.

Excerpt of a voice message of Heidi Hetzer on the 20th of july 2016.

“Hello Michael, it’s Heidi. I wish you all the best for your birthday, right now I am in Buenos Aires, Hudo (the name of the car) will be sent to Africa and I will fly to Cape Town. I’m all good and hope that you’re also fine. Your painted doors are admired by hundreds of people, if they knew how awesome you are and what you did for me. I look foward to hear from you, wish you success and that the things keep going like that.

All the best to you, Michael!”

(Quote: Heidi Hetzer)

Collaboration - Urban meets Fashion

The Urban meets fashion collection is a collaboration between Fashion designer Marina Reimann and artist Michael Dyne Mieth. What emerged was a Haute Couture Collection in the form of wearable artwork. Presented at the event “Berlin – light and shadow”, the clothes sewn by Marina Reimann and handpainted by Michael Dyne Mieth were shown on the catwalk in Berlin, Germany on June 29th, 2015. The clothes are unique and are to be seen not only on the catwalk but also at art exhibitions the Berlin based artist.
(Foto ©Mario Funke)



Dyne painted on of the 1000 colossal domino stones (2,5m high ,1m wide, 40cm deep),that were brought down on September 11th 2009 in front of the Brandenburger Tor. The domino stone was then successfully auctioned for a charity purpose.


Dyne presented 42 items and one installation in the BERLIN BRANDENBURG CENTER FOR REGENERATIVE THERAPIES


On March 15th 2011 Dyne Mieth showed his works in India. With his self-developed coffee-tincture he created pieces of art that were presented on that day along with works of internationally reknown artists in the BIRLA ACADEMY OF ART AND CULTURE.


At the 111st Presseball Berlin, organized by Andreas Dorfmann and Marina Schill, the domino stone painted by Dyne Mieth was auctioned as the first and only one of 1000 stones. The proceeds were then donated for a charity purpose.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall, the wall of Lech Walesa was symbolically torn down again. The auctioned dominio stone wears the autographs of the former mayor of Berlin Richard von Weizsäcker (former german president), the 6th president of the Bundesrat Klaus Schütz, former mayors of Berlin Walter Momper, Eberhard Diepgen and current mayor Klaus Wowereit.

Further previous exhibitions:

– Museum Imperial Hofburg Innsbruck

– Museum Kolkata – Birla Art & Culture

– Deutsches Technikmuseum in Munich

– Bermel von Luxburg Gallery

– Galerie Fine Art / Leipzig

– Galerie Bremer

– Galerie Kunst im Kutscherhaus | Fulda

– Galerie Musandi

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– Galerie Blaue Kuh

– World of Art in der Urania, Berlin

– Retro Classik, Stuttgart

– Juwelier Böckelmann after Josef Beuys

– Gerry Weber in Bielefeld

Exhibitions for the Daimler Chrysler AG

– branch Potsdamer Platz in Berlin
– branch Salzufer in Berlin
– branch Holzhauser Strasse in Berlin
– branch in Pforzheim
– branch in Kiel


The gallery Fine Art and the auction house Fine Art in Leipzig, Germany, are showing selected works of Dyne Mieth on a regular basis in exhibitions and offer them in their auctions.

Art auction in the representative office of the Würth Group | Villa Würth in Schwanenwerder from the auction house Van Ham.