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dyneart SHOWREAL 2019

Michael Dyne Mieth Short Bio

Interview with Kunstleben Berlin

On the ruins of Guernica

The monumental work “G18” by the Berlin artist Michael Dyne Mieth, for which the exhibition “Guernica – Icon of Peace” at the Imperial Palace in Innsbruck was extended until the 10th of January, has received considerable media coverage. Who is this artist who first presented himself in Tyrol? A portrait of Britta Grigull. …

Article artmagazine stayinart by art historian Britta Grigull

Museum Imperial Palace Innsbruck

The contemporary work G18 in 350 x 777 cm, will be presented in the exhibition rooms of the Innsbruck Hofburg from 06.12.2018. On request by the organizer during the past weeks, in which the exhibition project ran in Innsbruck, emerged. It was an accompanying collaborative process between the artist and the art magazine MilionArt Kaleidoscope.

500,000 euros for the work of the ALS ambulance at the Charité.

In addition to works by Norbert Bisky and Markus Lüpertz, a work by Michael Dyne Mieth was also auctioned off on the ALS night.

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dyneart | Deutsche Welle Interview

Dyne is creating a new style of art

In 2011 he created a new technique “driving by car over canvas” in which the wheels are drained with colors to leave an special sign at the canvas that he will use later on to work further with it.

Berliner Woche – So vielfältig kann Kunst sein

Art on the road - Heidi Hetzer

Michael Dyne Mieth’s art is currently driven around the world by rally legend Heidi Hetzer. Both doors of her car were painted by him showing the planned route and the countries that she was going to travel.

BZ Berlin – Sein Bild fuhr mit Heidi Hetzer um


In his portraits Michael Dyne Mieth is focused to paint known people of the public as he did portraits of the former US-President Barack Obama, his dad and his sister. In April 2016 Michael Dyne Mieth handed over his portraits to Auma Obama, Barack Obama’s sister.

Art from Berlin – Dyne Mieth’s portrait is now hanging with Obama

Dyne in Monaco - Charity Auction 2016

Curated by the Space SBH Gallery in Monaco, he donated a handpainted portrait of the royal family to the 4th Annual Charity Cocktail and Art Auction of Prince Albert II of Monaco and Steliod Philanthropic Foundation which was auctioned that evening.

4th Annual Charity Ccocktail Art Auction – Painting Prince Albert

Social Projects

Michael Dyne Mieth is honorary member and conveyors of the institution JA! zur Bildung e.V. and is supporting several social projects. Semiregular he donates his artworks to the Eagles Charity Golf Club which are auctioned for charity.


In 2014, Michael Dyne Mieth got the award for the best newcomer of the year at an international exhibition in the chinese culture center in Berlin, handed over by Prof. Dr. Klaas Ruitenbeek, director of the museum for asian arts in Berlin.